About Visu Training - GMAT

VISU ACADEMY, Hyderabad is a pioneer and has been the first mention in the minds of aspirants of ABROAD EDUCATION in INDIA for the sole reason that the Management and staff at VISU ACADEMY strive to fulfill the purpose of a visit of a student. Visu Academy has successfully understood the specific requirements of a regional student who has higher dreams but has a deficient background. In its classrooms, VISU has implemented such programs that can supplement, complement, and/or compensate for the lack and/or deficiency in a subject area. VISU has always depended on work exercises for classes and proficient.


The VISU GMAT Pro is a program of higher ends, meant for professionals who would like to have a fast, but complete brush with the ways of the test. This training program consists of subtle nuances that usually block the prospects of a good score. This program can better aid test takers who think they have the basic layers and are in need of only a coating of top finishing layer in their preparation for the test.


VISU´s GMAT Pro course, offers 82 hours of training emphasizing on the essential testing areas in VERBAL and QUANTITATIVE. It concentrates on the rules of SENTENCE CORRECTION, application of logic in CRITICAL REASONING, and strategies in READING. It lays strong foundation in critical testing areas such as DATA SUFFICIENCY in Quantitative Aptitude. It offers a variety of sample questions in INTEGRATED REASONING. All the four types of questions in the NEW INTEGRATED REASONING are taught with substantial explanation. This PRO material contains questions mostly of medium and hard levels. The training is reinforced by a series of tests on independent sections and is completed with full-length tests. This course is supplemented by a book of practice questions with explanations.

VISU´s GMAT Pro is managed by a team of professional trainers with years of training expertise involved in providing feasible solutions to the problems of the aspirants. They are equipped with answers to various situations that could arise in the preparation for the GMAT exam.

GMAT Pro - Highlights

  • Comprehensive and Progressive training.
  • Superior Guidance from Training to the Test.
  • Exhaustive exposure to Integrated Reasoning.
  • Purposeful Practice Content.
  • Exclusive GMAT Grammar.
  • Individual Concentration on Problem areas.
  • Explanation with adequate reasoning.
  • Well supported by Section and Full-length tests.
  • Special Batches for ISB aspirants.
  • Library & E-Lab for one year.
  • Regular, Crash & Weekend Batches.


The VISU GMAT REGULAR is a program designed for those who wish to have a substantial training about GMAT test. The students attend more than 100 hours of training involving the basic and fundamental details about all sections of GMAT. The training program also looks into intermittent reviews for those who miss some key classes. This program can better suit a student who believes in gradual and progressive learning method.

GMAT Regular - Highlights

  • Adequate hours of Classroom Training.
  • GMAT Official Guide as Additional material.
  • Special Batches for ISB aspirants.
  • Experienced & Professional Trainers.
  • Regular, Crash & Weekend Batches.
  • Performance Evaluation by Weekly Tests.
  • Exclusive GMAT Grammar.
  • Exhaustive exposure in Integrated Reasoning.