Immigration to Canada or Quebec

(Land of Peace and Incredible opportunities)

Migrate within one year under fast track process


  • Canada is ranked number one by the United Nations Development Index as the best country in the world to settle.
  • There are many ways to immigrate to Canada. Applicants who aren't eligible for the federal skilled worker category may qualify under QUEBEC.
  • Approximately 100,000 immigrants come to Canada every year.
  • On 26th June, 2011 Twenty nine in-demand occupations were announced under fast track
  • Under the new Fast Track rules, applicants should receive a decision in 12 months.
  • Good social security and powerful human rights.
  • Child education is free up to secondary level.
  • Medical facility is free.
  • Standard of living is very high, low crime rate and minimal population.
  • Per capita income is $ 30,000 cad.
  • You can sponsor your parents permanently after three years you can sponsor your real Relatives like real brother, sister, uncle, aunty, niece and nephews.
  • 80% of Canada's population is situated near the us border.
  • Best employment opportunities as per your skills.
  • Canada welcomes new immigrants' quota maximum worldwide 2, 25,000 to 2, 50,000 per annum.
  • Strong presence of Indian community all over Canada.
  • As per Federal Labour law - minimum salary is CAD $ 9.5 per hour.
  • Endless opportunities to grow for employees.
  • Member of G-7 country
  • Process Time is 6 to 12 months as per new publishers on 29th June 2011.