Course Material for TOEFL®

Unlike in earlier tests, ETS never released any official books till date. This has posed certain challenging tasks for the research team. However, the team overcame the troubles and prepared the material. The material for practice in Listening, Speaking and Writing is in the form of computer networks. This part of the material is going to be loaded in the computers of various branches and Business Associates. This prevents from copying from the source. We are happy to inform that the software for listening, writing and speaking is outsourced to a professional software company. The advantage of this system is that any exercises can be added or deleted by Visu. This helps us in updating the material at more frequent intervals. No CD will be issued to the individual students as in the present TOEFL. The following printed materials will be issued to the students:-

Introduction Booklet along with exam details prompts for Writing and Speaking given for practice in the classroom.

Reading Booklet consists of 10 exercises. Each exercise contains 3 RC passages with a total of 40-42 questions per exercise. Total Questions are in the range of 400 questions.

Writing Booklet consists of 10 exercises with passages in the booklet and LC passages on tape for the integrated task. There are prompts for the independent task and 55 additional writing prompts are available in the introduction booklet.

Listening booklet consists of 10 exercises with 6 passages each and a total of 30-34 questions per passage. The total number of questions would be within the range of 330-340 including the various question types asked in the listening section. Conversations and tasks will be

Speaking Booklet consists of 10 exercises with 10 reading passages in the booklet. Each speaking section will have 6 tasks or questions, which are integrated in nature. The number of integrated questions will be 60. Listening part will be on tape.