GMAT - Intimating Scores to the Universities


There are two ways of doing the score reporting of GMAT

  • On the day of Test
  • After the Test.

1. On the day of Test:

Every student who appears for GMAT on the day of test before they start the test, can request that his/her scores be sent to Five Universities in the programs they are interested to pursue their higher education for at no additional cost. One has to be very careful in selecting the University with correct program as most of the Universities offer multiple programs. So, one has to be very careful to choose the correct University and program as one cannot change or delete the Universities once selected.

2. After the Test:

If a student is has to do ETS reporting of scores after the Test then one has to download 7 digit alphanumeric program codes from GMAT bulletin 2006. These codes listed in the bulletin are University and program specific. One has to choose the correct program under the University.

Student that they can do direct score reporting after the date of Test through International Credit Card either online on or call the Asia Pacific Regional Center of Pearson Testing on 01204397830 from 9. 00 AM to 6.00 PM. It will cost US$ 28 for each University. If students have any queries they can write to Pearson GMAT Program Coordinator at

Student with the use of credit card to pay for the service may download the ASR form GMAT Web site. If a student wishes to pay by credit card may fax the form to +61 2 9901 3330. The form is available either online or in the GMAT Information Bulletin. But for your quick reference we have provided an option to download this form. When you send an ASR, you will receive a confirmation score report by mail, listing the additional programs to which you sent scores. The cost of an ASR is US$28.00 for each program to which you send scores.

Click here to download GMAT ASR form