GRE - Intimating Scores to the Universities



Verbal Reasoning : 130 - 170

Quantitative Reasoning : 130 - 170

Analytical Writing : 0 - 6

See ETS sample score report (PDF)

Percentile Rank : Each GRE test score is reported with a corresponding percentile rank. A percentile rank for a score indicates the percentage of examinees who took that test and received a lower score.



There are two ways of doing the score reporting of GRE

On the day of Test

After the Test

1. On the day of Test:

Every student who appears for GRE on the day of test after they take the test, can request that his/her scores be sent to Four Universities in the programs they are interested to pursue their higher education for at no additional cost. One has to be very careful in selecting the University with correct program as most of the Universities offer multiple programs. So, one has to be very careful to choose the correct University and program as one cannot change or delete the Universities once selected.

2. After the Test:

If a student is has to do ETS reporting of scores after the Test then one has to download 4 digit program codes from GRE bulletin 2006. These codes listed in the bulletin are University and program specific. One has to choose the correct program under the University. Additional reporting of GRE score per University will cost US$15.

Student can do direct score reporting after the date of Test through International Credit Card either online on or call at 1-888-GRE-SCORE. But they should possess details of Registration Number, Confirmation Number, Test Date, Date of Birth, Institution codes and Department codes.There is a U.S. $6 service fee per call and a U.S. $15 fee per score recipient for up to 8 recipients. To request more than 8 score recipients, one has to call again.

If students have any queries they can write to

Student with the use of credit card to pay for the service may download the ASR form from GRE Web site. If a student wishes to pay by credit card may fax the form to 1-609-774-7906 or mail the form with credit card details or attach the dollar cheque in favor of ETS- GRE and send it my registered post with the address marked on envelope as ETS –ASR/GRE, BOX 371463, Pittusburg, PA-15250-7463.