Next Generation - GMAT

About Next Generation GMAT®

The Next Generation GMAT will be debuted on June 5th, 2012, it will measure test taker ability to evaluate information from multiple source.30- Minute Integrated reasoning section will be incorporated, it measures test taker ability to interpret data presented graphically,analyze different types of information,and evaluate outcomes.

Why Next Generation GMAT®

Since 1953, the GMAT exam has been developed specifically for business schools, by business schools, and it has evolved along with their needs. In the most recent survey in 2009, 740 business school faculty said 21st century business students need to be able to evaluate different types of information to solve complex problems, convert data between different formats, and evaluate tradeoffs and outcomes.

Changes in Next Generation GMAT®

The GMAT Verbal, Quantitative and Total Scores will not change. Test takers will receive a separate score for the essay, as they do now, and for the new Integrated Reasoning section.

Sections Current GMAT Exam Next Generation GMAT  
Analytical Writing 60 min. (2 AWA Prompts) 30 min. (1 AWA Prompts)  
Quantitative 75 min. 75 min.  
Verbal 75 min. 75 min.  
Integrated Reasoning   30 min.  

Examination Duration : 3.5 hours. (Same as Current GMAT)

Next Generation GMAT New Questions

Table Analysis : Test takers will be presented with a sortable table of information, similar to a spreadsheet, which has to be analyzed to find whether answer statements are accurate.

Graphics Interpretation :

Test takers will be asked to interpret a graph or graphical image, and select the option from a drop-down list to make response statements accurate.

Multi-Source Reasoning :

The questions are accompanied by two to three sources of information presented on tabbed pages.

Two-Part Analysis : A question will involve two components for a solution.

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