What is a COE ?

COE means Confirmation of enrollment. After receiving COE from the university only a student can apply for visa.

How should I apply for COE?

Once a student applies for admission into a particular university, initially he will get conditional offer letter. Student has to pay some tution deposit to get confirmation of enrollment from the university.

What is the process time to get coe?

To obtain a COE after making the payment it will take minimum of one to two weeks depending upon the payment method, wire transfer of funds or through Demand Draft.

What is an e-visa?

It is an electronic visa lodgment, student will be asked to pay the tuition fee draft such that e-coe (Electronic confirmation of enrollment) is obtained from the University to lodge the visa application electronically.

What are medicals and when they have to be done?

The average process time for medicals is 2 weeks..

What is the process time for medicals?

Every student has to undergo some medical tests before applying for a visa.

What is the Australian High Commission application fee? Is it refundable?

The Australian High Commissin fee should be paid in the form of DD.The DD in favour of “Australian High Commission” Rs. 28,100/- and DD in favor of “V.F.S. Global Services PVT LTD” Rs. 601/-. Payable in New Delhi.It is non refundable/non transferable.

What is a visa application form known as and from where it can be obtained?

The visa application form is 157 (956 ,Financial matrices)This can be down loaded from the website

What is a fully sanctioned Bank loan letter?

The bank loan, which does not have preliminary or a partial sanction then it is called a fully sanctioned bank loan letter. Australian High Commission accepts only fully sanctioned bank loans.

A fully sanctioned loan is nothing but ,a letter issued by any nationalized bank on the Letterhead stating that a student is eligible for so much amount of loan for higher education abroad without any condition.

Are the Recent funds acceptable?

Recent funds are not acceptable for Australian Visa. It should be at least 3 months old.

Can a student be sponsored by other than parents?

Yes, but only when a student can establish a relationship of the sponsor.

How many years of Income Tax returns have to be shown?

Income Tax returns of all the sponsors for the last 3 consecutive years have to be shown.

Which are the assets, which are not considered as source of funds?

Kisan Vikas Patra, Indira Vikas Patra, Post Office savings, LIC policies, shares; bonds and debentures are not considered as source of funds

Does the liquid fund to be shown in the bank and the duration of bank transactions vary from one programme to another?

Yes the requirement of liquid funds and the duration of bank transactions vary from one programme to another.

Is withdraw able amount of PF & Post office savings considered as liquid funds?

Yes, but a proof of the same has to be attached.